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Internet Network ArchitecturesNA: Internet Routing (SE)

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Network Architectures: Internet Routing (Seminar, WS 2015/16)

The Internet influences our life more and more: Many of us use electronic mail instead of writing with pen and paper; homebanking and ordering books over the web are in everyday life; and elections via Internet are in field tests. Furthermore, the interconnectedness gets denser and the day is near that every coffee maker is programmable through the internet and every car connects to its manufacturer for diagnosis.

This seminar deals with recent findings and scientific research papers concerning Internet routing. Topics range from improvement of routing algorithms, such as for the Internet, wireles mesh networks, or overlay networks, over topology detection and emulation to traffic engineering or secure routing.


  • There is a mandatory preparatory meeting on Thursday 15.10.15 from 10:00-12:00 in MAR 4.033.


Overview / Basic information
Anja Feldmann
Contact person:
Mirko Palmer
Event type:
Diplom Informatik: Operating and Communication Systems / Betriebs- und Kommunikationssysteme (BKS)
Master of Computer Science
: Communication-Based Systems (Master Informatik: Kommunikations­basierte Systeme)
Master of Computer Engineering: Technical Applications (Master Technische Informatik: Technische Anwendungen)
Bachelor of Computer Science: Communication Technology (Bachelor Informatik: Kommunikations­technik)
Bachelor of Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering (Bachelor Technische Informatik: Technische Informatik)
part of the modules Network Architectures Specialization (big), Network Architectures Specialization (small), Network Architectures - Seminar.
(probably two or three days within the first two or three weeks in the semester breaks)
MAR 4.033
Preparatory meeting:
Thursday 15.10.15 10:00-12:00
Course ID:
0432 L 822
bachelor students after their basic studies (from the fifth semester on), master students, and Diplom student
intermediate diplom / basic modules, profound knowledge in computer networks, good english for reading scientific papers
talk and paper
Further information:
c.f. ISIS

Suggested topics


Intention of the seminar

  • practice to work original literature
  • practice of profesional/scientific talks
  • occupation with a small, definite and recent matter

General Guidelines

All Guidelines

  • Was is done in groups?
  • What demands are made on the paper?
  • What has to be considered for the talk and the preparation of the slides?


To receive the seminar certificate we require

  • a successfull presentation/talk
  • a seminar paper accepted by us
  • continuous attendence and active participation and contribution (in the group meetings as well as during the presentations)

The seminar certificate will have a grade, which will be made from above mentioned Criteria.


  • Huitema, Christian. Routing in the Internet. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, USA, 1995. (english)
  • James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach. Addison-Wesley, fourth edition, 2007. (englisch), online version (preliminary version of 1st edition, password will be given during the course)
  • James F. Kurose und Keith W. Ross. Computernetze: Ein Top-Down-Ansatz mit Schwerpunkt Internet. Pearson Studium (Prentice Hall), München, Deutschland, 2002. (deutsch)
  • Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Computernetzwerke. Pearson Studium (Prentice Hall), München, Deutschland, dritte revidierte Auflage, 2000. (deutsch)
  • Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Computer Networks. Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA, fourth edition, 2003. (english)




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