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Weiterführende Literatur: Network Protocols and Architectures (WS 11/12)

Adapted from Course
University of Massachusetts
CMPSCI 653 (Fall 2002)
Computer Networks
by Professor Jim Kurose
Thanks Jim!

Note: The documents below are password-protected, in order to allow access ONLY by students in this course. If you're a student, you've received access information in class.

Part 1. Architecture and Protocols: Mechanisms

Part 2. Protocols: Implementation Principles

Protocol implementation principles, with case studies.

In the next offering of this course, it will be doing a walkthrough of the linux cTCP/IP code. It would be a nice way to wrap up the impementation principles section.

Part 3. Network architecture: the big picture

Lessons from the Internet (and other networks: ATM, telephony); circuit switching versus packet switching revisited; policy, flexibility, and optimized performance.

Part 4. Protocols: Network algorithmics

Self stabilization (routing examples), broadcast/controlled flooding (link state broadcast, ad hoc routing), Kelly's optimization framework (congestion control example), control theory viewpoint of closed loop control (TCP)

Part 5. Simulation

Principles of discrete event simulation, analysis of simulation output, simulation pitfalls.

Hinweise/Kommentare: Anja Feldmann

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Network Protocols and Architectures
0432 L 810
Integrierte LV (VL mit UE)

Dozent: Anja Feldmann, Bernhard Ager, Petr Kuznetsov, Stefan Schmid

19.10.2011 bis 16.02.2012

Mi 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr
Do 14:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Ort: mi/we: MA 042; do/th: MA 043

Vorlesungsverzeichnis (LSF)

mi/we: Vorlesung auf deutsch; do/th: lecture in english; Tutorials: tba