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Themen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten sowie Projekte

Wir bieten Projekte und Abschlussarbeiten zu folgenden Themengebieten an:

  • Security Analysis and Solutions for Cryptocurrency Networks (such as Lightning)
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis for Demand-Aware Graphs
  • Design of Self-Adjusting Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Efficient Implementation of Novel TCP Protocols
  • Improved Communication Networks with Machine Learning
  • Game-Theoretical Analysis of Incentives and Cooperation in Networks
  • Algorithm Engineering for Efficient Consensus Protocols
  • Support of Fast Reroute in Linux Kernel
  • Algorithm Engineering for Efficient Traffic Engineering in Segment Routing Networks
  • Computation offloading for programmable data planes (with applications in machine learning)
  • Social network analysis
  • Network telemetry for distributed analytic systems
  • Flow classifier/visualizer for big data analytic systems

Bei Interesse melde dich bitte via Mail bei Susanna. (susanna@inet.tu-berlin.de)



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