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Themen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten sowie Projekte

Wir bieten Projekte und Abschlussarbeiten zu folgenden Themengebieten an:

  • Security Analysis and Solutions for Cryptocurrency Networks (such as Lightning)
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis for Demand-Aware Graphs
  • Design of Self-Adjusting Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Efficient Implementation of Novel TCP Protocols
  • Improved Communication Networks with Machine Learning
  • Game-Theoretical Analysis of Incentives and Cooperation in Networks
  • Algorithm Engineering for Efficient Consensus Protocols
  • Support of Fast Reroute in Linux Kernel
  • Algorithm Engineering for Efficient Traffic Engineering in Segment Routing Networks
  • Computation offloading for programmable data planes (with applications in machine learning)
  • Social network analysis
  • Network telemetry for distributed analytic systems
  • Flow classifier/visualizer for big data analytic systems
  • Multicast
  • Diverse topics in the field of

    • Network Security
    • Network Measurements (including Internet, Wireless, and Social Networks)
    • Hardware Support for Networking and Cloud Offloading (FPGA, SmartNICs, programmable data planes)
    • AI for Networking
    • Emerging 6G Networks
    • Sensor- and Mobile Networks

Bei Interesse schicke bitte eine Mail an Max () und setze Vamsi () in den CC. Es ist von Vorteil, wenn du schon konkrete Themenvorstellungen hast.

If you are interested in taking a Bachelor or Master thesis, please send a mail to Max () and CC Vamsi (). It is advantageous if you already have a specific topic in mind. 



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