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General topic areas and contact persons

Normally, there are always open topics for bachelor, master and diplom theses as well as study projects. If you are interested take a list of our open topics or contact the appropriate person according to the assignment table below. You can as well simply visit our group and ask directly for topics. The best time is during our office hours, Tuesdays 1–2 p.m.

For general questions about topics you can also ask .

Systems Programming, Performance Evaluation

Programming end hosts to use multiple paths or protocols,
based on performance of access networks and knowledge about the
application. Designing networked systems, low-level network programming,
performance evaluation.

Contact Person: Theresa Enghardt

Software-defined networking (SDN)

Problems related to data plane monitoring in SDN, Implementation in P4, New Design and methodology for efficient monitoring of SDNs,  management and monitoring of testbed resources and of experiments, Systems based research.

Contact person: Apoorv Shukla (https://www.net.t-labs.tu-berlin.de/~apoorv/)

Traffic Measurements / Workload Generation

Characterization of real Internet traffic with respect to differernt aspects, implement these properties in workload generation models and tools, improvement of packet capturing performance of different systems.

Contact Person: Georgios Smaragdakis

Network Monitoring

Stats, signal processing, data analytics and distributed systems. Get in touch for details. ;)

Contact Persons: Damien Foucard

Wireless Networks

Wireless Mesh Routing, Mesh Management, Wireless Traffic Characterization, Wireless Connection Sharing, Application Behavior, Network Aware Protocols, Software Defined Radios and Femtocell Networks

Contact Persons: Julius Schulz-Zander

Design of Network Testbeds / Virtualization and Algorithms

Realistic workload generation in testbeds, leveraging testbeds for high-speed network emulation, exploring means of network virtualization, management and monitoring of testbed resources and of experiments, distributed mechansims for debugging network applications and protocols. Theoretical analysis of fundamental trade-offs and benefits, and design of efficient algorithms

Contact Persons: Matthias Rost


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