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Internet Measurement (Lecture, SoSe 2018)

How does Internet traffic look like? Are there certain characteristics? How and where can the Internet be improved, and how can these improvements be tested? How can the previous questions be answered and which technical challenges are to be dealt with while monitoring? How can privacy guidelines be implemented? When interpreting these measurements, what needs to be considered from a statistics point of view? Is it possible to mimic realistic traffic based on statistics?

These and more questions will be answered in this lecture! The goal is to get to know the characteristics of network traffic and to be able to conduct own measurements.


The exams will take place in the MAR building. Please be there a few minutes earlier and register yourself in Room 4.022.


Georgios Smaragdakis [1]
Additional contact person:
Damien Foucard [2]
Event type:
Lecture (Vorlesung)
Diplom Informatik: Operating and Communication Systems / Betriebs- und Kommunikationssysteme (BKS)
Master of Computer Science: Communication-Based Systems (Master Informatik: Kommunikations­basierte Systeme)
Master of Computer Engineering: Technical Applications (Master Technische Informatik: Technische Anwendungen)
Bachelor of Computer Science: Communication Technology (Bachelor Informatik: Kommunikations­technik)
Bachelor of Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering (Bachelor Technische Informatik: Technische Informatik)
Part of the modules MINF-KT-NA/VTK.S13 [3], MINF-KT-NA/VTG.S13 [4]
thursdays, 14 p.m. – 16 p.m.
First meeting:
19 April 2017
MAR 0.008
Course ID:
0432 L 813
bachelor students after their basic studies (from the fifth semester on), master students, and Diplom students
basic studies / basic modules
as well as the lectures "Network Protocols and Architectures" (Prof. Feldmann), "TechGI 4" (Prof. Wolisz), or equivalent
further Information:
see ISIS [5]



If you are interested in attending please make sure you are subscribed to this course in ISIS to receive infomration and announcements.

A module registration is also required for Bachelor and Master students. Further information will be given in the lecture and via ISIS.


Information such as dates and formalia will be given in time.



  • James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach [6]. Addison-Wesley, fourth edition, 2007. (englisch), online version [7] (preliminary version of 1st edition, password will be given during the course)
    Ressources: 2nd edition [8], 3rd edition [9]
  • Mark Crovella, Balachander Krishnamurthy. Internet Measurement: Infrastructure, Traffic and Applications. Wiley, 2006. (english)

Lehre / Teaching, SoSe 18

  • Internet Control Plane (VL) [10]
  • Routerlab (PR) [11]
  • Internet Security (VL) [12]
  • Internet Measurement (VL) [13]
  • NA: Internet Measurement (SE) [14]

Internet Measurement
: Anja Feldman

19.04.2018 20.07.2018

14:00 - 16:00

: MAR 0.008

ISIS [15]

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