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Internet Security (Lecture, SoSe 2017)

As the common utilization of the Internet broadens, the threat from malicious programs and users increases. To counteract this development right from the design of new applications and technologies, we will discuss and try to identify the different attacks and threats (e.g., worms, viruses, denial of service). Based on this analysis, we will introduce countermeasures (e.g., firewalls, network intrusion detection/prevention systems, scanners) and explain challenges they frequently face. In addition, we will analyze active security tools, security protocols (e.g., SSL, Kerberos, TLS, VPN, IPsec, WLAN Security), key management approaches, and the security of different Internet services (e.g., E-Mail, SSH, VoIP, Network Storage).


Some slides can only be found on ISIS.


Anja Feldmann
Additional contact person:
Damien Foucard
Event type:
Lecture (Vorlesung)
Diplom Informatik: Operating and Communication Systems / Betriebs- und Kommunikationssysteme (BKS)
Master of Computer Science: Communication-Based Systems (Master Informatik: Kommunikations­basierte Systeme)
Master of Computer Engineering: Technical Applications (Master Technische Informatik: Technische Anwendungen)
Bachelor of Computer Science: Communication Technology (Bachelor Informatik: Kommunikations­technik)
Bachelor of Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering (Bachelor Technische Informatik: Technische Informatik)
Part of the modules MINF-KT-NA/VTK.S12, MINF-KT-NA/VTG.S12; MINF-KS-CS/VTS.S12 (FG SECT)
mondays, 10–12 a.m. weekly
First meeting:
24 April 2017
MA 042
Course ID:
0432 L 812
bachelor students after their basic studies (from the fifth semester on), master students, and Diplom students
basic studies / basic modules
as well as the lectures "Network Protocols and Architectures" (Prof. Feldmann), "TechGI 4" (Prof. Wolisz), or equivalent
further Information:
see ISIS



If you are interested in attending please make sure you are subscribed to this course in ISIS to receive infomration and announcements.

A module registration is also required for Bachelor and Master students. Further information will be given in the lecture and via ISIS.


There will be neither a tutorial nor exercise sheets.


Exams will probably be oral. Further information, e.g., exam dates and how to register, will be given in the lecture or via ISIS.



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Auxiliary Functions

Internet Security
Lecturer: Anja Feldmann, Jean-Pierre Seifert

24.04.2017 to 17.07.2017

Mo 10:00 - 12:00 o'clock

Location: MA 042


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