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Internet Routing (Lecture, SoSe 2011)

In this lecture, you will learn and understand the concepts and tools that allow you to surf the Internet.

  • Review: How the Internet works
  • Overview of Internet routing

    • Routing vs switching
    • Link state vs. distance vector

  • Introduction to wireless

    • The wireless channel, 802.11

  • Wireless routing in the beginning

    • DSR, AODV

  • Intra-domain routing

    • RIP, OSPF

  • Inter-domain routing, BGP

    • End-to-end effect, topology inference

  • Traffic engineering and MPLS
  • Wireless Internet routing

    • Wireless routing metrics, gateway selection and discovery
    • OLSR

  • New Internet routing architectures
  • Selected topics in wireless routing
  • Overlay/underlay interactions



Anja Feldmann, Ruben Merz
Additional contact person:

Ingmar Poese
Event typ:
Lecture (Vorlesung)
Diplom Informatik: Operating and Communication Systems / Betriebs- und Kommunikationssysteme (BKS)
Master of Computer Science: Communication-Based Systems (Master Informatik: Kommunikations­basierte Systeme)
Master of Computer Engineering: Technical Applications (Master Technische Informatik: Technische Anwendungen)
Bachelor of Computer Science: Communication Technology (Bachelor Informatik: Kommunikations­technik)
Bachelor of Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering (Bachelor Technische Informatik: Technische Informatik)
Part of the modules MINF-KT-NA/VTK.S11, MINF-KT-NA/VTG.S11
fridays, 10–12 a.m., weekly
first meeting:
15 April 2011
TEL 1118/19
Course ID:

0432 L 814
bachelor students after their basic studies (from the fifth semester on), master students, and Diplom students
basic studies / basic modules
as well as the lectures "Network Protocols and Architectures" (Prof. Feldmann), "TechGI 4" (Prof. Wolisz), or equivalent
further information:
see ISIS



If you are interested in attending please make sure you are subscribed to this course in ISIS to receive infomration and announcements.

A module registration is also required for Bachelor and Master students. Further information will be given in the lecture and via ISIS.


There will be neither a tutorial nor exercise sheets.


The exams will take place on the following days at Telefunken building (TEL 16), room Fino:

  • Monday July 25th, 2011
  • Wednesday August 24th, 2011
  • Thursday August 25th, 2011
  • Thursday October 13th, 2011
  • Friday October 14th, 2011


  • James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach. Addison-Wesley, fourth edition, 2007. (englisch), online version (preliminary version of 1st edition, password will be given during the course)

Disclaimer and Acknowledgements

Lots of content borrowed from/inspired by:

  • Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 3rd edition. By Jim Kurose and Keith Ross, Addison-Wesley, July 2004 (see below).
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Routing, MAC and Transport Issues, Infocom 2006 Tutorial by Nitin Vaidya (www.crhc.illinois.edu/wireless/tutorials.html)
  • Computer Networks, EPFL-IC, Fall 2008, Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Mohammad Hossein Manshaei (compnet.epfl.ch)
  • Mobile Networks, EPFL-IC, Spring 2009, Jean-Pierre Hubaux (mobnet.epfl.ch)
  • Optimized Link State Routing, Andreas Tønnesen (www.olsr.org/?q=links)
  • Cigdem Sengul, 802.11s tutorial
  • Wikipedia (but be cautious …)

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Internet Routing
0432 L 814
: Anja Feldmann, Ruben Merz

15.04.2011 15.07.2011

10:00 - 12:00

: TEL 1118/19

Internet Routing (VL)

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