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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

… about teaching at FG INET.

When are Prof. Feldmann's office hours?

The office hours are given on Prof. Feldmann's webpage. They take place in her office (MAR 4-4). Exceptions are announces in the news.
The staff's office hours are given on their respective webpages.

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Do I have to make an appointment with Prof. Feldmann?

Usually, during her office hours Prof. Feldmann is in her office. (Exceptions are usually announced in the news.)
However, it is recommended to inform Prof. Feldmann that you plan to come (e.g., via ) to avoid facing an empty office in case of last-minute changes.

Do you have jobs for student workers?

You can check on job offers whether we have open positions for students.

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Which projects and theses do you offer?

We offer lots of projects and theses in INET's different topic areas. Further information can be found on the linked pages.

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How to find a topic for my study project or thesis?

  • First, have a look at the page of open topics for study projects and theses. If you like one of these, contact the given contact person.
  • If you don't like these topics but you already know in what area your project/thesis should be, refer to the respective contact person of the topic area. Often there are more topics that are not announced on the webpage.
  • If you liked a specific course talk to the TA (teaching assistant) whether he/she has a topic in that area.
  • If you don't even know in which area you want to work talk to Damien Foucard. Together you might find something.

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May I suggest my own topic for a study project / a thesis?

Suggestions are always welcome. If the suggested topic is taken depends on the suggestion. But in principle we try to find a topic that satisfies all.

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I didn't attend course X. May I still write my thesis with you?

Yes, if you have the knowledge from the course or are willing to aquire it by yourself if necessary.

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Whom can I consult about study projects and theses?

In general, Damien Foucard is your contact for projects and theses. But there are additional contact persons for certain topics.

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Which courses are offered this term?

Have a look at the teaching home page or the current term.

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When is course X offered next time?

See the course overview for the rotation of each course.

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When are the exams?

The exams for the lectures "Internet Security", "Internet Routing", and "Internet Measurement" are usually

  • in the first two weeks after the term
  • in the middle of the semester break
  • in the last two weeks just before the next term.

For the lecture "Network Protocols and Architectures" there is

  • a written exam in the first week after the term and
  • a written retry in the last week before the next term.

The dates for all other courses will be given in each course.

Information on second re-exams are provided here.

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When and how do I register for moduls and courses?

That depends on the kind of registration:

Module registration

Meanwhile you register the most INET modules via QISPOS and in exeptional cases at the exam office (Prüfungsamt). Be aware that you have to register within the first six weeks of the term.
Exceptions from that deadline are given in the respective course. Usually in the lecture you're also told to register in time.

Lecture registration
Please register within the first week via ISIS for your lecture. We will also organize tutorials via ISIS.
For the final exam you'll usually need an additional registration or (for oral exams) appointment.

Seminar registration
Please register via ISIS for the seminar—after the preperatory meeting. In this obligatory prep meeting the topics are presented. You'll have to choose your topic when you register in ISIS. The deadline for the seminar registration will also be told in the prep meeting.

Lab course registration
Please also register via ISIS for the lab courses after the preparatory meeting. In this obligatory prep meeting you will also be told the deadline for registration.

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Signature for auditing students

Auditing students affiliated with a different university receive the dean's signature in the department's administration from Ms. Wesner, , Raum MAR 6.019, Tel.: -25155.

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