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Publications by Type: Technical Reports

Practical Issues of Implementing a Hybrid Multi-NIC Wireless Mesh-Network
Citation key GBJS-PIIHMWMN-08
Author Günes, Mesut and Blywis, Bastian and Juraschek, Felix and Schmidt, Philipp
Year 2008
Address Berlin, Germany
Month August
Note TR-NO: TR-B-08-11
Institution Freie Universität Berlin
Abstract Testbeds are a powerful tool to study wireless mesh and sensor networks as close as possible to real world application scenarios. In contrast to simulation or analytical approaches these installations face various kinds of environment parameters. Challenges related to the shared physical medium, operating system, and used hardware components do arise. In this technical report about the work-in-progress Distributed Embedded Systems testbed of 100 routers deployed at the Freie Universität Berlin we focus on the software architecture and give an introduction to the network protocol stack of the Linux kernel. Furthermore, we discuss our first experiences with a pilot network setup, the encountered problems and the achieved solutions. This writing continues our first publication and builds upon the discussed overall testbed architecture, our experiment methodology, and aspired research objectives.
Bibtex Type of Publication Technical Report
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