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Publications by Type: Technical Reports

The Weakest Failure Detector for Solving k-Set Agreement
Zitatschlüssel GK-WFDSKA-09
Autor Gafni, Eli and Kuznetsov, Petr
Jahr 2009
Monat April
Notiz No. 2009-06
Institution Technische Universität Berlin
Zusammenfassung A failure detector is a distributed oracle that provides processes in a distributed system with hints about failures. The notion of a weakest failure detector captures the exact amount of synchrony needed for solving a given distributed computing problem. In this paper, we determine the weakest failure detector for solving k-set agreement among n processes (n>k) using reads and writes in shared memory, regardless of the assumptions on when and where failures might occur. This failure detector is derived directly from the impossibility of wait-free k+1-process k-set agreement. Our approach can be viewed as an extension of the asynchronous BG-simulation technique to partially synchronous systems.
Typ der Publikation Forschungsbericht (Research report)
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