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Publications by Type: Technical Reports

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Su, Jing and Scott, James and Hui, Pan and Upton, Eben and Lim, Meng How and Diot, Christophe and Crowcroft, Jon and Goel, Ashvin and de Lara, Eyal (2007). Haggle: Clean-slate networking for mobile devices [6]. (Technical Report)

Iannone, Luigi and Bonaventure, Olivier (2007). Locator/ID Separation: Study on the cost of Mappings Caching and Mappings Lookups [7]. (Technical Report)

Guerraoui, Rachid and Herlihy, Maurice and Kouznetsov, Petr and Lynch, Nancy and Newport, Calvin (2007). On the Weakest Failure Detector Ever [8]. (MPI-SWS Technical Report)


Karrer, Roger and Park, Ju-Won and Kim, JongWon (2006). TCP-ROME: performance and fairness in parallel downloads for Web and real time multimedia streaming applications [9]. (Technical Report)

Haeberlen, Andreas and Kouznetsov, Petr and Druschel, Peter (2006). The Case for Byzantine Fault Detection [10]. (MPI-SWS Technical Report)


Aggarwal, Vinay and Feldmann, Anja and Gaertler, Marco and Görke, Robert and Wagner, Dorothea (2005). Analysis of Overlay-Underlay Topology Correlation using Visualization [11]. (Technical Report)

Botta, Alessio and Matyasovszki, Istvan and Pescapé, Antonio and Karrer, Roger (2005). Results of the Experimentation of Magnets Wireless Backbone [12]. (Technical Report)

Chaintreau, Augustin and Hui, Pan and Crowcroft, Jon and Diot, Christophe and Gass, Richard and Scott, James (2005). Pocket Switched Networks: Real-world mobility and its consequences for opportunistic forwarding [13]. (Technical Report)

Attiya, Hagit and Guerraoui, Rachid and Kouznetsov, Petr (2005). Computing with Reads and Writes in the Absence of Step Contention [14]. (Technical Report)


Sommer, Robin and Paxson, Vern (2004). Exploiting Independent State for Network Intrusion Detection [15]. (Technischer Bericht (Technical report))


Feldmann, Anja and Kammenhuber, Nils and Maennel, Olaf and Maggs, Bruce and De Prisco, Roberto and Sundaram, Ravi (2003). A Methodology for Estimating Interdomain Web Traffic Demand [16]. (Technical Report)

Agarwal, Amit and Agarwal, Tarun and Chopra, Sumit and Feldmann, Anja and Kammenhuber, Nils and Krysta, Piotr and Vöcking, Berthold (2003). An Experimental Study of k-Splittable Scheduling for DNS-Based Traffic Allocation [17]. (Technical Report)

Guerraoui, Rachid and Kouznetsov, Petr (2003). On Failure Detectors and Type Boosters [18]. (Technical report)

Guerraoui, Rachid and Kouznetsov, Petr (2003). Finally the Weakest Failure Detector for Non-Blocking Atomic Commit [19]. (Technical report)

Guerraoui, Rachid and Kouznetsov, Petr (2003). The Weakest Failure Detector for Non-Blocking Atomic Commit [20]. (Technical report)


Mogul, Jeffrey and Krishnamurthy, Balachander and Douglis, Fred and Feldmann, Anja and Goland, Yaron and van Hoff, Arthur and Hellerstein, D. (2002). Delta encoding in HTTP [21]. (RFC)

Sommer, Robin and Feldmann, Anja (2002). NetFlow: information loss or win? [22]. (Technical Report)


Feldmann, Anja and Rexford, Jennifer (2000). IP network configuration for intradomain traffic engineering [23]. (Technical Memorandum)


Feldmann, Anja (1999). Netdb: IP Network Configuration Debugger/Database [24]. (Technical Memorandum)


Feldmann, Anja (1998). Characteristics of TCP Connection Arrivals [25]. (Technical Memorandum)


Mogul, Jeffrey C. and Douglis, Fred and Feldmann, Anja and Krishnamurthy, Balachander (1997). Potential benefits of delta encoding and data compression for HTTP [26]. (Technical Report)

Douglis, Fred and Feldmann, Anja and Krishnamurthy, Balachander and Mogul, Jeffrey C. (1997). Rate of Change and other Metrics: a Live Study of the World Wide Web. [27]. (Technical Memorandum)

Church, Ken and Coffman, Rebecca and Cortes, Corina and Feldmann, Anja and Greenberg, Albert (1997). Are Inbound Long Distance Calls Lost Because of AT&T Worldnet Usage [28]. (Technical Memorandum)


Feldmann, Anja and Maggs, Bruce and Sgall, Jiri and Sleator, Daniel and Tomkins, Andrew (1995). Competitive analysis of call admission algorithms that allow delay [29]. (Technical Report)


Feldmann, Anja and Kao, Ming-Yang and Sgall, Jiri and Teng, Shang-Hua (1992). Optimal online scheduling of parallel jobs with dependencies [30]. (Technical Report)

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