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Generalized and Resource-Efficient VNet Embeddings with Migrations
Zitatschlüssel SSF-GREVEM-10
Autor Schaffrath, Gregor and Schmid, Stefan and Feldmann, Anja
Jahr 2010
Notiz ID arXiv:1012.4066; 2nd (extended) version in 2012
Institution arXiv
Zusammenfassung Network virtualization technology is believed to be a key enabler for the ''Future Internet'' as it allows to overcome existing ossifications and facilitates fast innovations. A crucial feature of this technology is the decoupling of virtual networks from the underlying substrate: Virtual networks (VNets) can be mapped to those locations (subject to certain specification constraints) in the substrate network such that they consume the least amount of resources. Therefore, resource-efficient embeddings are one of the main concerns in network virtualization. This paper presents an algorithm for a very general class of VNet embedding problems. In contrast to related literature, our algorithm supports (cost-aware) migrations and reconfigurations, which is crucial especially if VNet requests are not known in advance. It avoids the inefficiencies of heuristics where virtual nodes and links are mapped separately, and it can handle a large class of links. Moreover, it features a high mapping flexibility, allowing, e.g., to respect placement policies, resource prioritization, and realization of VNet requests using multiple substrate resources. In addition, the paper introduces a simple formal language that can be used to describe and communicate VNet requests and substrate resources in an automated and unambiguous manner.
Typ der Publikation Technical Report
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