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Intra-City Urban Network and Traffic Flow Analysis from GPS Mobility Trace
Zitatschlüssel LCHL-ICUNTFLGMT-11
Autor Leung, Ian X. Y. and Chan, Shu-Yan and Hui, Pan and Lio', Pietro
Jahr 2011
Monat May
Notiz ID arXiv:1105.5839
Institution arXiv
Zusammenfassung We analyse two large-scale intra-city urban networks and traffic flows therein measured by GPS traces of taxis in San Francisco and Shanghai. Our results coincide with previous findings that, based purely on topological means, it is often insufficient to characterise traffic flow. Traditional shortest-path betweenness analysis, where shortest paths are calculated from each pairs of nodes, carries an unrealistic implicit assumption that each node or junction in the urban network generates and attracts an equal amount of traffic. We also argue that weighting edges based only on euclidean distance is inadequate, as primary roads are commonly favoured over secondary roads due to the perceived and actual travel time required. We show that betweenness traffic analysis can be improved by a simple extended framework which incorporates both the notions of node weights and fastest-path betweenness. We demonstrate that the framework is superior to traditional methods based solely on simple topological perspectives.
Typ der Publikation Technical Report
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