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Routing Issues in Opportunistic Networks
Zitatschlüssel CCGHNP-RION-09
Autor Conti, Marco and Crowcroft, Jon and Giordano, Silvia and Hui, Pan and Nguyen, Hoang Ang and Passarella, Andrea
Buchtitel Middelware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications (MiNEMA State-of-the-Art Book)
Seiten 121–147
Jahr 2009
ISBN 978-3-540-89706-4
Online ISBN 978-3-540-89707-1
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-89707-1_6
Herausgeber Miranda, Hugo and Rodrigues, Luís and Garbinato, Benoît
Verlag Springer
Kapitel 6
Zusammenfassung The opportunistic networking idea stems from the critical review of the research field on Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET). After more than ten years of research in the MANET field, this promising technology still has not massively entered the mass market. One of the main reasons of this is nowadays seen in the lack of a practical approach to the design of infrastructure-less multi-hop ad hoc networks [186, 185]. One of the main approaches of conventional MANET research is to design protocols that mask the features of mobile networks via the routing (and transport) layer, so as to expose to higher layers an Internet-like network abstraction. Wireless networks' peculiarities, such as mobility of users, disconnection of nodes, network partitions, links' instability, are seen–-as in the legacy Internet–-as exceptions. This often results in the design of MANET network stacks that are significantly complex and unstable [107].
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