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LENS: LEveraging Network Science to Identify Malicious Users in Communication Networks
Zitatschlüssel HSUC-LLNSIMUCN-09
Autor Hui, Pan and Sastry, Nishanth and Uhlig, Steve and Crowcroft, Jon
Jahr 2009
Monat July
Wie herausgegeben Refereed abstract at NetSci
Zusammenfassung Spam emails is the most serious kind of unsolicited messaging. There were 1:3 billion email users worldwide in 2008, with 210 billion emails sent per day. Out of all these emails, 70\% were spam emails, which accounts to 53.8 trillion of spam emails in 2008. This is a huge number of emails, it causes a lot of inconvenience to solicit users and costs the operators a lot of money on operating expenses to detect and filter spam. In this paper, we leverage network science to develop decentralised algorithms for each individual user to identify its own communities and overall isolate the malicious clusters, including spam and attacks.
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