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Can TCP and Locator/ID Seperation get along?
Zitatschlüssel KIF-CTLISGA-11
Autor Kim, Juhoon and Iannone, Luigi and Feldmann, Anja
Jahr 2011
Ort Berlin, Germany
Monat November
Wie herausgegeben Poster at CHANGE and Ofelia Summer School
Organisation CHANGE and Ofelia EU FP7 projects
Zusammenfassung Aiming at solving the scalability problem that the current Internet is facing, the separation of the IP namespace into two different namespaces (the Locator and the Identifier namespaces) is one of the most promising paradigms. However, the impact of this new paradigm on the Internet traffic is yet to be fully understood. In this extended abstract, we present a preliminary analysis of TCP performance in the context of Locator/ID separation.
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