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Automated deriving of statistical parameters characterizing network traffic
Zitatschlüssel S-AEVWV-06
Autor Schneider, Stefan
Jahr 2006
Adresse Munich, Germany
Schule Technische Universität München
Zusammenfassung To representatively simulate network traffic, its characteristics, for example the distribution of the sizes of the transferred objects or the transfer durations, need to be known. These characteristics are well researched, and it is widely accepted that most of them show heavy tailed and selfsimilar properties. But as there is a rapid advancement of networking technology, it can be suspected that the parameters characterizing the traffic could shift correspondingly. To be able to analyze such changes we developed a set of tools to automate the necessary steps to evaluate important statistical parameters from actual traffic. Although our tools significantly ease this task, they cannot remove the fact the user performing the analysis still needs to be experienced in order to correctly judge the results and to understand the impact of statistical subtleties. Finally we analyzed the traffic from our network and present some results.
Typ der Publikation Systementwicklungsprojekt
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