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Measurement and Characterization of Internet Video Streaming Architectures
Zitatschlüssel K-MCIVSA-12
Autor Krenc, Thomas
Jahr 2012
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Monat June
Schule Technische Universität Berlin
Zusammenfassung Internet video streaming traffic is booming as the demand of users for content and the broadband access speed continuously increase. Apart from the mainline commercial services such as IPTV operated by large ISPs, alternative services are also available. Among them are subscription-based services, e.g., Netflix, and free-of-charge One-Click-Hoster services hosted in datacenters, e.g., Rapidshare. In this project we first review the alternative Internet video streaming architectures that are currently utilized and comment on their operation. We then crawl the content that is hosted and delivered by some of them, namely Netflix and kinox.to. Our results show that the availability of movies highly depends on the video streaming architecture. Moreover, during our three-month measurement study, we observe significant changes in the availability of movies in each of the streaming architectures we monitor. We attribute this to contract expirations with companies owning movies rights, and to the fact that many underground portals are closed down due to copyright violation. We also highlight that peer-to-peer architectures still provide the highest availability of movies today.
Typ der Publikation Projekt
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