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Publications by Type: Undergrad Theses (Bachelor, Diplom, and Master Theses) and Study Projects

Demographic Measurement of Popular BitTorrent Swarms
Zitatschlüssel K-DMPBTS-10
Autor Krenc, Thomas
Jahr 2010
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Monat March
Schule Technische Universität Berlin
Zusammenfassung This thesis describes the design and implementation of a crawler for BitTorrent trackers and the evaluation of the collected data. A simplified BitTorrent client is implemented to continuously collect statistics about the population, demographics, and meta-information of swarms that are served by a popular tracker over two weeks. The results uncover patterns on user behavior and profiling as well as activity cycles that span multiple time regions. These statistics are essential to better understand the dynamics of p2p file sharing systems.
Typ der Publikation Bachelor Thesis
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