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Publications by Type: Undergrad Theses (Bachelor, Diplom, and Master Theses) and Study Projects

Classification of origin AS behavior based on BGP update streams
Zitatschlüssel R-COABBBUS-10
Autor Richter, Philipp
Jahr 2010
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Monat April
Schule Technische Universität Berlin
Zusammenfassung This thesis investigates the extent to which BGP updates reveal information about traffic engineering in the Internet. The introduced analysis relies on two weeks of data from multiple observation points. It provides a quantitative analysis of the usage of AS path prepending. It could be observed that AS path prepending is being done by ISPs in the core of the Internet, as well as by ISPs at the edge. It could be shown that BGP updates reveal far more prepended AS paths than static dump files do. The thesis also carries out an in-depth classification of BGP update messages into ``transitions''. Besides the expected traffic engineering, the classification suggests that AS path prepending is also related to backup links. The challenges faced when interpreting the results of the classification indicate that additional analysis of BGP updates is necessary to understand the intentions behind network behaviors.
Typ der Publikation Bachelor Thesis
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