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Measurement and Characterization of Content Distribution in BitTorrent
Citation key K-MCCDB-12
Author Krenc, Thomas
Year 2012
Address Berlin, Germany
Month March
School Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin
Abstract BitTorrent is the most popular P2P system. It is primarily used for file sharing. Despite the fact that recent studies show a decline of BitTorrent traffic, it is still very popular in many regions of the world and there is an increasing trend to use BitTorrent-like systems in commercial products. Key issues in BitTorrent are the availability of content and the efficient content distribution. These problems have been studied from a theoretical point of view, but a large-scale measurement and characterization study of content availability and distribution in the wild has to still be done. In this thesis, we design, develop and run a system that monitors the activity of BitTorrent users. The system periodically connects to peers and reports the availability and propagation of content in millions of users and thousands of swarms. We utilize our system to collect and analyze measurements that span a period of more than three months. Our study sheds light on the operation of BitTorrent in the wild. In particular, our results show that the popularity of BitTorrent as well as the propagation of content in BitTorrent highly depends on the type of content, the ISP, as well as the swarm demographics. Furthermore, we uncover diurnal and flash-crowd cycles in content availability. We also show that a large fraction of BitTorrent content is available in diverse network locations.
Bibtex Type of Publication Master Thesis
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