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Routing Security – Current Inter-domain Routing Security Evaluation and Mapping System Security for Locator-Identifier Separation in Future Internet Routing
Zitatschlüssel B-RS-CIDRSEMSSLISFIR-09
Autor Böttger, Jan
Jahr 2009
Monat September
Schule Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Lehrstuhl für Netz- und Datensicherheit
Zusammenfassung Current Internet routing is serisously vulnerable to different attacks. As a first step, the current routing system must be analyzed regarding the different threats and attacks. Then, the different proposals for securing inter-domain routing can be evaluated and compared. The comparison is not completely technical also includes aspects of deployment feasibility. One approach class is pointed out then to be a reasonable candidate for securing todays Internet routing. After having an overview of current routing security proposals, the thesis studies requirements of a future Internet routing system. One approach, the Identifier-Locator separation, is a popular idea to enable the future Internet routing properties. This idea results in the need for a mapping system. Two different proposals with Locator-Identifier split (LISP and HAIR) are explained. For the former one, a security evaluation is done – for the system itself as well as for the mapping systems. For the latter, a secure mapping proposal is outlined, indicating that security must not exclude scalability if the aspects are considered in the design phase already.
Typ der Publikation Masterarbeit (Master thesis)
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