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Analysis of OSPFv2–BGP4 Interactions Using the SSFNet Simulator
Zitatschlüssel B-AOBIUSS-03
Autor Böhm, Hagen
Jahr 2003
Adresse Saarbrücken, Germany
Monat October
Schule Universität des Saarlandes
Zusammenfassung In recent studies about inter-domain routing message exchange, it was found out that the amount of routing updates sent by BGP routers was several times greater than theoretically expected. Coming along with the high number of updates, Internet routing instabilities, rapid fluctuations of network reachability and even the loss of internal connectivity in wide-area networks could be observed, which resulted in packet loss and increased latencies [17]. Further examinations have revealed that a serious part of such pathological inter-domain routing behaviour can be attributed to increasing use of intra-domain routing elements in the BGP routing process [23] [14]. This thesis examines the impact of the integration of OSPF shortest path metrics in the BGP routing process. Our work is based on network simulations which we performed using the SSFNet [31] network simulator. We used a BGP implementation that both applies IGP metrics as a tie-breaking rule for selecting best routes and announces prefixes with OSPF metric mapped MED attributes to neighboring ASes. Via single, AS internal link and router failures we generated OSPF routing changes and observed the effects on BGP.We show that the impact on global interdomain routing depends strongly on number, connectivity and BGP policy filters of the border routers located in the AS where intra-domain routing changes caused OSPF-BGP interactions.
Typ der Publikation Diplomarbeit
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