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IP Traffic Engineering –- OSPF vs. MPLS
Zitatschlüssel K-IPTEOM-03
Autor Krämer, Thomas
Jahr 2003
Adresse Saarbrücken, Germany
Schule Universität des Saarlandes
Zusammenfassung While the Internet grows rapidly and the demands for bandwidth get higher, there is a need for using the resource bandwidth as optimal as possible. This means that there is a need for balancing the load across the links in a network. On the one hand one can use / abuse the Intra-Gateway protocol (IGP) link weight setting for traffic engineering and on the other hand, there is the emerging technology, MPLS, that promises better and easier traffic engineering than relying on OSPF. Our goal is to simulate both approaches and to compare the results with respect to overall network performance.
Typ der Publikation Diplomarbeit
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