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Analysis and Design of a SIM based authentication solution for WLAN
Zitatschlüssel P-ADSIMWLAN-04
Autor Penz, Robert
Jahr 2004
Adresse Munich, Germany
Monat September
Schule Technische Universität München
Zusammenfassung Within this master thesis a protocol is designed which provides a way to migrate from the at present commonly deployed web-based authentication solutions for wireless Internet access to an alternative EAP/SIM authentication solution. As an introduction the motivation for the development of an alternative authentication scheme is given, followed by a brief overview of the basic technical background necessary for the grasp of this thesis. In the successive part the advantages and disadvantages including all fundamental problems of web-based solutions are summarized and compared to their EAP/SIM counterparts. Based on these, possible systems, which on the one hand collect most advantages and on the other hand avoid disadvantages of the currently deployed solutions, are developed. From the proposed possible solutions the most suitable is selected for a prototypical client-server implementation. The characterization of the components of the prototype is followed by the enumeration of some problems, which occurred during practical tests. Ideas to solve these and to extend the proposed solution are shown at the end of this master thesis.
Typ der Publikation Diplomarbeit
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