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Analysis and Simulation of Network Anomalies
Zitatschlüssel M-ASNA-03
Autor Merkel, Andreas
Jahr 2003
Adresse Saarbrücken, Germany
Monat October
Schule Universität des Saarlandes
Zusammenfassung In this work we try to give a better understanding of how network anomalies like flash crowds behave in large networks. As a first step we therefore have to do cause analysis. In this context we verified that it is possible to identify and to trace back flash crowds only with SNMP data. Due to the proprietary nature and therefore limited and restricted access to real network data we decided to rely on a simulation framework. The additional advantage of a simulation framework is that it produces experimental plots for emulating reality. To develop an environment that resembles reality as much as possible we started with the analysis of data from a large German ISP. This allows us to study the behaviour of real networks. Our simulation framework has the capabilities to match the results of the analysis. Using this framework we simulate and analyse network anomalies. The results are a methodology that can help network operators to identify technologies for finding and tracing back flash events more easily.
Typ der Publikation Diplomarbeit
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