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Publications by Type: Bachelor Theses


Torres, Virginia (2012). Realizing Scheduled Medium Access with CSMA in Wireless Sensor Networks. Technische Universität Berlin

Romano Palmer, Mirko (2012). Distributed DHCP and DNS in a Wireless Mesh Network Based on DHTs. Technische Universität Berlin


Özel, Birtan (2011). A Radius Data Visualization Web Interface for the BOWL Network. Technische Universität Berlin

Pronobis, Wiktor (2011). Saturation Throughput Analysis for a Wireless Network with Multiple Channels. Technische Universität Berlin / Freie Universität Berlin


Richter, Philipp (2010). Classification of origin AS behavior based on BGP update streams. Technische Universität Berlin

Krenc, Thomas (2010). Demographic Measurement of Popular BitTorrent Swarms. Technische Universität Berlin



Böttger, Jan (2005). MXP – Entwurf und Implementation eines Internetprotokolls mit integriertem Dienstegütemanagement. Technische Universität Freiberg, Fakultät Mathematik & Informatik

Hohlfeld, Oliver (2005). Development of a instant messaging-based communication module for telemedical applications. Darmstadt University of Technology


Vollmert, Christian (2004). Design and Implementation of a Web Workload Generator for the SSFNet Simulator. Technische Universität München


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