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Publications by Type: Conference and Workshop Publications

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Sentient Bikes for Collecting Mobility Traces in Opportunistic Networks
Zitatschlüssel PXHCYLT-SBCMTON-09
Autor Pias, Marcelo and Xu, Kuang and Hui, Pan and Crowcroft, Jon and Yang, Guang-Hua and Li, Victor O.K. and Taherian, Salman
Buchtitel ACM International Workshop on Hot Topics of Planet-scale Mobility Measures (HotPlanet '09)
Seiten 1–6
Jahr 2009
ISBN 978-1-60558-689-2
DOI http://dx.doi.org/0.1145/1651428.1651435
Ort Krakow, Poland
Monat June
Notiz Workshop co-located with ACM MobiSys 2009; Invited Paper; Article No. 5
Zusammenfassung We study the problem of building low-cost city-wide location tracking systems with the intention to provide a platform for large-scale human mobility data collection. We take the city-bikes as our first target, motivated by several social networking applications, and choose Cambridge in the UK as our pilot case. We highlight the main application requirements, discuss the practical design issues, and propose a system architecture based on a hybrid sensor network.
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