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Publications by Type: Conference and Workshop Publications

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A Failsafe Architecture for Mesh Testbeds with Real Users
Zitatschlüssel SMS-FAFMTWRU-09
Autor Schiöberg, Harald and Merz, Ruben and Sengul, Cigdem
Buchtitel Proceedings of the ACM MobiHoc Wireless S$^3$ Workshop 2009
Seiten 29–31
Jahr 2009
ISBN 978-1-60558-521-5
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1540358.1540368
Ort New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Adresse New York, NY, USA
Monat May
Notiz invited talk
Verlag ACM Press
Zusammenfassung We build a research testbed at our campus with real users, namely all the members of the university, to bridge the gap between synthetic mesh testbeds and productive mesh deployments. This requires combining the flexibility of research-only testbeds with the high reliability of production networks. This paper shows how we bring these two contradicting design goals together, given the degree of flexibility we demand calls for the ability to exchange the implementation of possibly all layers of the network stack. Given the experimental nature of the environment, we expect frequent software failures. However, we argue our failsafe architecture can still limit the impact of such failures to a satisfactory level of user experience.
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