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On the predictive power of shortest-path weight inference
Zitatschlüssel CKMR-OTPPOSPWI-08
Autor Coyle, Andrew and Kraetzl, Miro and Maennel, Olaf and Roughan, Matthew
Buchtitel Internet Measurement Conference
Seiten 305–310
Jahr 2008
ISBN 978-1-60558-334-1
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1452520.1452556
Ort Vouliagmeni, Greece
Adresse New York, NY, USA
Monat October
Verlag ACM
Zusammenfassung Reverse engineering of the Internet is a valuable activity. Apart from providing scientific insight, the resulting datasets are invaluable in providing realistic network scenarios for other researchers. The Rocketfuel project attempted this process, but it is surprising how little effort has been made to validate its results. This paper concentrates on validating a particular inference methodology used to obtain link weights on a network. There is a basic difficulty in assessing the accuracy of such inferences in that a non-unique set of link-weights may produce the same routing, and so simple measurements of accuracy (even where ground truth data are available) do not capture the usefulness of a set of inferred weights. We propose a methodology based on predictive power to assess the quality of the weight inference. We used this to test Rocketfuel's algorithm, and our tests suggest that it is reasonably good particularly on certain topologies, though it has limitations when its underlying assumptions are incorrect.
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