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MeshDV: A Distance Vector mobility-tolerant routing protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks
Zitatschlüssel IF-MeshDV-05
Autor Iannone, Luigi and Fdida, Serge
Buchtitel REALMAN '05: Proceedings of the 1st international workshop on Multi-hop ad hoc networks: from theory to reality
Seiten 111–118
Jahr 2005
Ort Santorini, Greece
Monat July
Zusammenfassung In this paper we propose an overview of MeshDV, a routing protocol for wireless mesh networks. MeshDV combines proactive route computation for routers and on-demand path setup for clients. This design choice eases the management of client mobility and reduces routing table size. Proactive route computation is performed using a Distance Vector approach. On-demand path setup is obtained through new mechanisms that take advantage of particular characteristics of mesh networks. Here we focus on these new mechanisms, giving details about algorithms, packet format, and packet exchange procedures. We also present the main components of the MeshDV prototype currently under development at the LIP6 laboratory of the University of Paris VI.
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