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Reputation Systems for Self-Organized Networks: Lessons Learned
Citation key BMB-RSSNLL-08
Author Buchegger, Sonja and Mundinger, Jochen and Le Boudec, Jean-Yves
Pages 41–47
Year 2008
ISSN 0278-0097
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/MTS.2008.918039
Journal IEEE Technology and Society Magazine
Volume 27
Number 1
Note Special Issue on Limits of Cooperation in Wireless Communications, Toward Fourth Generation Wireless; Invited Paper
Abstract Self-organized networks such as mobile ad-hoc, Internet-based peer-to-peer, wireless mesh and Fourth generation (4G) wireless networks depend on cooperation of nodes. Reputation systems help nodes decide with whom to cooperate and which nodes to avoid. They have been studied and applied almost separately in diverse disciplines such as economics, computer science, and social science, resulting in effort duplication and inconsistent terminology. We aim to bring together these efforts by outlining features and fundamental questions common to reputation systems in general. We derive methodologies to address these questions for both reputation system design and research from our own experiences and evaluations by simulation and analytical modeling. We argue for using deviation tests, discounting, passing on only first-hand information, introducing secondary response, and stressing the importance of identity.
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