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Anti-localization Anonymous Routing for Delay Tolerant Network
Zitatschlüssel LHTPX-AARDTN-10
Autor Lu, Xiaofeng and Hui, Pan and Towsley, Don and Pu, Juahua and Xiong, Zhang
Seiten 1899–1910
Jahr 2010
ISSN 1389-1286
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comnet.2010.03.002
Journal Elsevier Computer Networks
Jahrgang 54
Nummer 11
Zusammenfassung This paper focuses on the problem of how to allow a source to send a message without revealing its physical location and proposes an anti-localization routing protocol, ALAR, to achieve anonymous delivery in Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networks. The objectives of ALAR are to minimize the probability of a data source being localized and to maximize the destinatio's probability of receiving the message. ALAR can protect the sende's location privacy through message fragmentation and forwarding each segment to different receivers. ALAR is validated on two real-world human mobility datasets. This study indicates that ALAR increases the sender's anonymity performance by over 81\% in different adversary densities with a 5\% reduction in delivery ratio.
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