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A Blueprint for Constructing Peer-to-Peer Systems Robust to Dynamic Worst-Case Joins and Leaves
Citation key KSSW-BCPSRDWJL-06
Author Kuhn, Fabian and Schmid, Stefan and Smit, Joest and Wattenhofer, Roger
Title of Book 14th IEEE International Workshop on Quality of Service (IWQoS)
Pages 12–19
Year 2006
ISBN 1-4244-0476-2
ISSN 1548-615X
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/IWQOS.2006.250446
Location Yale University, New Haven, Connectitut, USA
Month June
Abstract Until now, the analysis of fault tolerance of peer-to-peer systems usually only covers random faults of some kind. Contrary to traditional algorithmic research, faults as well as joins and leaves occurring in a worst-case manner are hardly considered. In this paper, we devise techniques to build dynamic peer-to-peer systems which remain fully functional in spite of an adversary which continuously adds and removes peers. We exemplify our algorithms on a pancake topology and present a system which maintains peer degree and network diameter O(log n/log log n), where n is the total number of peers in the system.
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