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Philipp Schmidt's Publications

Schmidt, Philipp S. and Enghardt, Theresa and Khalili, Ramin and Feldmann, Anja (2013). Socket Intents: Leveraging Application Awareness for Multi-access Connectivity. Proceedings of the Ninth ACM Conference on Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies. ACM, 295–300.

Schmidt, Philipp S. and Merz, Ruben and Feldmann, Anja (2012). A first look at multi-access connectivity for mobile networking. Proceedings of the 2012 ACM workshop on Capacity sharing. ACM, 9–14.

Feldmann, Anja and Gintzel, Ariane and Schmidt, Philipp and Levin, Dan and Schmid, Stefan and Sarrar, Nadi and May, Rainer (2012). Internet der Zukunft. Stifungsreihe Alcatel-Lucent-Stifung. Alcatel-Lucent-Stifung.

Roth, Volker and Schmidt, Philipp and Güldenring, Benjamin (2010). The IR Ring: Authenticating Users' Touches on a Multi-Touch Display. Proceedings of the 23nd annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '10). ACM, 259–262.

Blywis, Bastian and Günes, Mesut and Juraschek, Felix and Schmidt, Philipp (2009). Implementation of Routing Protocols for Testbeds. International Conference on Wireless Communications & Signal Processing (WCSP '09). IEEE, 1–5.

Blywis, Bastian and Günes, Mesut and Juraschek, Felix and Schmidt, Philipp and Kumar, Pardeep (2009). DES-SERT: A Framework for Structured Routing Protocol Implementation. IFIP Wireless Days conference (WD '09). IEEE, 1–6.

Roth, Volker and Schmidt, Philipp (2010). Pseudonymety and Anonymety. Handbook of eID Security: Concepts, Practical Experiences, Technologies. Publicis Publishing, 31–44.

Schmidt, Philipp (2009). Entwurf und Implementierung eines Layer-2.5-Frameworks für reaktives Routing. Freie Universität Berlin

Günes, Mesut and Blywis, Bastian and Juraschek, Felix and Schmidt, Philipp (2008). Practical Issues of Implementing a Hybrid Multi-NIC Wireless Mesh-Network. (Technical Report)


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