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Anja Feldmann's Publications

Using the AT\&T labs PacketScope for Internet Measurements, Design, and Performance Analysis
Author Anerousis, Nikos and Caceres, Ramon and Duffield, Nick and Feldmann, Anja and Greenberg, Albert and Kalmanek, Chuck and Mishra, Partho and Ramakrishnan, K.K. and Rexford, Jennifer
Year 1997
Month November
How Published AT\&T Services and Infrastructure Performance Symposium 1997
Abstract This note describes the AT\&T Labs PacketScope, a high performance system for packet-level Internet measurement, which we have developed with the help of a great many others in AT\&T Worldnetsm and AT\&T Networking and Computer Systems. The NYC PacketScope, operational in June 1997, harvests about 10M packet headers per day on links between AT\&T Worldnetsm and the external Internet. The Bridgeton, Missouri PacketScope, deployed in July 1997, can monitor a variety of traffic from the dial platform, web hosting and other servers, as well as gate way links to the external Internet. The data has a wide range of applications to AT\&T Worldnetsm marketing, engineering, and service provisioning. One applic ation is described here: to the design and performance tuning of the IP over ATM infrastructure for AT\&T's ATM common backbone, which will provide the network platform for AT\&T WorldNet. Finally, we offer some remarks on ongoing simulation and analytic work.
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