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Sachin Agarwal's Publications

Jiminy: A scalable incentive-based architecture for improving rating quality
Zitatschlüssel KZPCA-JSIAIRQ-06
Autor Kotsovinos, Evangelos and Zerfos, Petros and Piratla, Nischal and Cameron, Niall and Agarwal, Sachin
Buchtitel 4th International Conference on Trust Management, (i-TRUST)
Seiten 221–235
Jahr 2006
ISBN 978-3-540-34295-3
ISSN 0302-9743
Online ISSN 1611-3349
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/11755593_17
Adresse Berlin / Heidelberg, Germany
Jahrgang 3986
Monat May
Herausgeber Stølen, Ketil and Winsborough, William H. and Martinelli, Fabio and Massacci, Fabio
Verlag Springer
Serie Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Zusammenfassung In this paper we present the design, implementation, and evaluation of Jiminy: a framework for explicitly rewarding users who participate in reputation management systems by submitting ratings. To defend against participants who submit random or malicious ratings in order to accumulate rewards, Jiminy facilitates a probabilistic mechanism to detect dishonesty and halt rewards accordingly. Jiminy’s reward model and honesty detection algorithm are presented and its cluster-based implementation is described. The proposed framework is evaluated using a large sample of real-world user ratings in order to demonstrate its effectiveness. Jiminy’s performance and scalability are analysed through experimental evaluation. The system is shown to scale linearly with the on-demand addition of slave machines to the Jiminy cluster, allowing it to successfully process large problem spaces.
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