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Ruben Merz' Publications

What Details are Needed for Wireless Simulations? – A Study of a Site-Specific Indoor Wireless Model
Zitatschlüssel ASM-WDANWS-12
Autor Al-Bado, Mustafa and Sengul, Cigdem and Merz, Ruben
Buchtitel Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM '12)
Jahr 2012
Ort Orlando, FL, USA
Adresse New York, NY, USA
Monat March
Verlag IEEE
Zusammenfassung Wireless networking community continuously questions the accuracy and the validity of simulation-based performance evaluations. The main reason is the lack of widely-accepted models that represent the real wireless characteristics, especially at the physical (PHY) layer. Hence, the trend in wireless networking is to rely more and more on test-beds, which on one hand bring more realism to network and protocol evaluation, but on the other hand present a high implementation barrier before an idea is ready to be tested. Therefore, realistic network simulators are still very much needed to reduce the time and effort for ``concept testing'' of novel ideas. In this case, the main question is how detailed should wireless simulators be to evaluate network and protocol performance. In this paper, we attempt a first answer to this question by using the Berlin Open Wireless Lab (BOWL) indoor model (BIM) in ns-3 simulator. BIM includes several measurement-based models to characterize wireless communication such as frame detection ratio (FDR), frame error ratio (FER), capture and interference models. Through extensive measurements, we analzye the accuracy that we obtain with our PHY-layer models. Our experiments also show whether the detailed models at the PHY layer play an important role to represent transport layer performance in simulations
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