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Roger Karrer's Publications

Effect of 802.11 Adaptive Exponential Backoffs on the Fluidity of Downlink Flows in Mesh Networks
Citation key AKT-E8AEBFDFMN-08
Author Aziz, Adel and Karrer, Roger and Thiran, Patrick
Title of Book Proceedings of the 4th Internation Workshop on Wireless Network Measurements (WinMee 2008)
Pages 16–22
Year 2008
ISBN 978-963-9799-18-9
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/WIOPT.2008.4586027
Location Berlin, Germany
Month March
Abstract Efficient multihop traffic management is a need for successful Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) deployment. Using an analogy with fluid mechanism, we classify a flow as laminar if the packets flow smoothly from the Wired Access Point (WAP) over the mesh network, and as turbulent otherwise. We identify a particular but frequent collision scenario, which sets the flow to be turbulent, resulting in a strongly reduced downlink end-to-end throughput. We show that the exponential backoff mechanism in an 802.11 WMN is responsible for this problem and suggest a modification of the current exponential backoff policy of 802.11 for WMNs. We support these findings both with simulations and real measurements on a testbed infrastructure.
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