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Roger Karrer's Publications

ISPs: Who else can you trust in the Internet?
Zitatschlüssel KK-IWECYTITI-07
Autor Karrer, Roger and Kühn, Ulrich
Buchtitel Proceedings of ICIN '07
Jahr 2007
Ort Bordeaux, France
Monat October
Zusammenfassung The Internet today is the main communication infrastructure for private communication and business. A protection against unsolicited traffic such as DDoS attacks is therefore in the interest of all–-but, at the same time, security has to be balanced with privacy issues. This paper proposes a collaborative effort against unsolicited traffic where ISPs and end users collaborate. Users define which traffic should be considered as legitimate. ISPs install a network element termed gate to block unsolicited traffic. Moreover, ISPs collaborate by exchanging information among gates to build a global defence against unsolicited traffic. The strength of our solution are that all participants in our solution have incentives to collaborate and participate, and that no changes in the Internet architecture are required.
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