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Roger Karrer's Publications

Results of the Experimentation of Magnets Wireless Backbone
Zitatschlüssel BMPK-REMWB-05
Autor Botta, Alessio and Matyasovszki, Istvan and Pescapé, Antonio and Karrer, Roger
Jahr 2005
Monat July
Notiz No. TR-DTLab-UoN-2006
Institution Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and University of Napoli ``Federico II''
Zusammenfassung This report provides a comprehensive performance evaluation of the Magnets WiFi backbone deployed in a metropolitan area of Berlin. The backbone consists of six 108 Mbps links using directional antennas and spans over 2.3 km. Built with off-the-shelf hardware, it features mixed 802.11a/g technology, link distances between 330 m and 930 m and support for two enhanced MAC/PHY layer modes at the access points (AP) to improve their performance. We assess the influence of distance, 802.11 technology and AP modes on throughput, delay, packet loss and jitter between two adjoining nodes as well as over multiple hops.
Typ der Publikation Technical Report
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