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Roger Karrer's Publications

TCP-ROME: performance and fairness in parallel downloads for Web and real time multimedia streaming applications
Zitatschlüssel KPK-TPFPDWRTMSA-06
Autor Karrer, Roger and Park, Ju-Won and Kim, JongWon
Jahr 2006
Monat September
Institution Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Zusammenfassung Parallel download protocols that establish multiple TCP connections to distributed replica servers have the potential to reduce file download time and to improve the quality of real-time multimedia downloads. Unfortunately, parallel download protocols are also inherently unfair towards single-flow downloads. This paper presents TCP-ROME, a parallel download protocol that allows a dynamic mitigation of throughput and fairness. A receiver-based framework allows a dynamic adjustment of the congestion and rate control of each subconnection. TCP-ROME offers two usage modes: a binary mode where the congestion control of each subconnection can be switched between a TCP-fair rate (high priority) and at a TCP-LP (low priority) fair rate, and a more complex range mode where the aggregated throughput aims at meeting a specified target rate. This paper describes the TCP-ROME protocol and shows the suitability of the range mode for real-time streaming applications. For the binary mode, we develop novel analytical throughput models for TCP-LP and for TCP-ROME. The models are validated via simulations. Extensive simulation scenarios show the flexibility of TCP-ROME in mitigating performance for fairness.
Typ der Publikation Technical Report
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