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Roger Karrer's Publications

Daidalos: the operator's vision of the next-generation Internet
Zitatschlüssel AEK-DOVNGI-06
Autor Aguiar, Rui L. and Einsiedler, Hans and Karrer, Roger
Buchtitel Poster at IEEE INFOCOM 2006 (poster session)
Jahr 2006
Ort Barcelona, Spain
Monat April
Notiz Download poster at http://www.net.t-labs.tu-berlin.de/papers/AEK-DOVNGI-poster-06.pdf
Zusammenfassung Telecom operators are challenged by the increasing user demand for mobility, Quality of Service and security on one hand, and the constraints imposed by economy and regulatory bodies on the other. Daidalos1, an EC funded Integrated Project, addresses the vision of a seamlessly integrated heterogeneous network architecture based on an IPv6 infrastructure. The Daidalos architecture addresses conceptual issues of operators, customers and identities, as well as integrated aspects, such as service interfaces, a layered approach and broadcast integration.
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