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Roger Karrer's Publications

Magnets – a next generation access network
Zitatschlüssel KZP-MNGAN-06
Autor Karrer, Roger and Zerfos, Petros and Piratla, Nischal
Buchtitel Poster at IEEE INFOCOM 2006 (poster session)
Jahr 2006
Ort Barcelona, Spain
Monat April
Notiz Download poster at http://www.net.t-labs.tu-berlin.de/papers/KZP-MNGAN-poster-06.pdf
Zusammenfassung Magnets is a next-generation wireless infrastructure consisting of a wireless mesh with 50 nodes, and a high-speed wireless backbone with a raw end-to-end throughput of 108 Mb/sec. In addition, Magnets is seamlessly integrated with cellular networks based on GPRS and UMTS and next-generation wireless technology based on WiMAX to create a true 4G network. Magnets combines a research environment where new protocols and future architecture ideas can be deployed and experimentally evaluated. It encompasses a production environment where students at the TU Berlin are offered free access to the network. Here, we present the design and deployment of Magnets, which offers an unique environment to generate knowledge beyond theory and simulations, and experiment with the complexity of next-generation access networks.
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