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Roger Karrer's Publications

Carrier Grade Wireless Mesh Access Networks
Zitatschlüssel BRKX-CGWMAN-06
Autor Bayer, Nico and Roos, Andreas and Karrer, Roger and Xu, Bangnan
Buchtitel Proceedings of 1st Workshop of Operator-assisted (Wireless Mesh) Community Networks (OpComm '06)
Seiten 1–10
Jahr 2006
ISBN 1-4244-0692-7
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/WOACN.2006.337190
Ort Berlin, Germany
Monat September
Zusammenfassung Broadband wireless access networks have the potential to fulfil the vision of high-speed ubiquitous Internet access. Due to the unreliability and heterogeneity of the network, operators are particularly challenged to provide ''Carrier Grade'' services that ensure a secure, efficient and reliable access to users. This paper provides an overview of these challenges and presents a network architecture and overarching services that form a unified and reliable carrier grade wireless access network. Particular focus of the paper is on wireless mesh multihop networks as they are a viable solution to realise broadband wireless access flexibly and cost efficiently. Moreover, we describe a next-generation wireless access network testbed where the architecture and services will be deployed and provide initial simulation and measurement results.
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