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Roger Karrer's Publications

Application-oriented communication for networked systems
Zitatschlüssel KG-AOCNS-05
Autor Karrer, Roger and Gross, Thomas
Buchtitel 11th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS '05)
Seiten 695–701
Jahr 2005
ISBN 0-7695-2281-5-01
ISSN 1521-9097
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/ICPADS.2005.95
Ort Fukuoka, Japan
Adresse Washington, DC, USA
Monat July
Verlag IEEE ComSoc
Zusammenfassung The complexity of developing distributed applications that address network heterogeneity and support application-specific communication demands, such as real-time streaming and multiparty communication, is steadily increasing. Network-based solutions, such as overlay networks or overlay multicast, only provide a single, limited service to distributed applications. In contrast, we argue for an application-centric solution, where applications decide how to communicate, and networks support this decision with resource information and customizable communication operations. This paper presents ARS, a framework of Abstractions for Resources and Services. ARS is a novel, customizable and flexible application-network interface. ARS allows an integration of network information and customizable communication services and supports applications in the evaluation to determine the best communication setup. ARS is a software framework that hides a large part of the complexity while providing flexibility and development support by design and code reuse. We discuss the concepts, the structure and the implementation of ARS, and we evaluate the customizability and the performance benefits of ARS with a distributed multicast application in the Internet.
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