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Pan Hui's Publications

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Planet Scale Vehicular Imagery Data
Zitatschlüssel THH-STAPSVID-11
Autor Thakur, Gautam and Hui, Pan and Helmy, Ahmed
Buchtitel Proceedings of IEEE International Workshop on Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data Mining (SSTDM '11)
Jahr 2011
Ort Vancouver, Canada
Monat December
Zusammenfassung Vehicular traffic congestion is becoming a major problem in metropolitan cities throughout the world. Looking into the future, this becomes particularly more challenging with the emergent nature combining population explosion, number of vehicles and the organic growth of cities¿ infrastructure. In order to handle this problem, initially we need the traffic data and cities¿ physical infrastructure and second the application of robust data mining and knowledge discovery techniques on this data to identify potential bottlenecks. Hence in this work, we propose a novel method of collecting city-wide traffic information from online vehicular traffic camera. Our resulting dataset is a several months collection of vehicular mobility traces captured from 2709 traffic webcams in 10 different cities across the world. This 7.5 Terabytes of vehicular imagery data consist of 125 million such images. We also collect driving distance and time for millions of geo-coordinate pairs of street intersections for these cities. We apply spatio-temporal data mining techniques to profile these global cities and reason about their geographical backbone and provide an insight into their vehicular traffic density distribution. Our results show that: (i) High correlation between driving time and distance indicate congestion-free traffic, (ii) Traffic follow certain patterns that are stable for a long time (42 days). (iii) Traffic Congestion show high Correlation (80\%) for 1-2 hour lag then decrease significantly to 25-30\% for four hours lag. We believe our study help to demystify bone of contention in the present day traffic-jams and provide an insight into the planning and development of future cities and resolution to traffic congestion.
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