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Olivier Dousse' Publications

Fairness vs spatial reuse in wireless 802.11 networks
Citation key DDT-FVSRW8N-08
Author Durvy, Mathilde and Dousse, Olivier and Thiran, Patrick
Title of Book International Zurich Seminar on Communications
Pages 34–37
Year 2008
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/IZS.2008.4497270
Location Zurich, Switzerland
Month March
Abstract This paper reviews some of our recent results in [1] and [2] on the fairness of decentralized medium access control protocols based on CSMA/CA, such as IEEE 802.11, in large multi-hop wireless networks. We focus on the trade-off between high spatial reuse and fairness. In particular, we show that the widely observed unfairness of the protocol in small network topologies does not always persist in large topologies.
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