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Oliver Hohlfeld's Publications

Instant Messaging Communication Gateway for Medical Applications
Zitatschlüssel SH-IMCGMA-05
Autor Sachpazidis, Ilias and Hohlfeld, Oliver
Buchtitel Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Telehealth
Seiten 12–16
Jahr 2005
ISBN 0-88986-506-X
Adresse Banff, Alberta, Canada
Herausgeber Jennett, P. and Rangayyan, R.M.
Verlag ACTA Press
Zusammenfassung Internet has changed the way of how people communicate and exchange information. Enduringly, more and more doctors are getting familiar with Internet and the offered capabilities. Hospitals are interconnected, making use of Internet, forming medical information networks. The doctors exchange information with the help of Internet. A very common way of communication is the electronic email even when a doctor looks for a second opinion from another expert doctor. In the market, various medical applications for tele-consultation can be found. Some of them are web based and others are stand alone applications. In this paper we will propose a communication gateway, based on Jabber instant messaging protocol, for modern and demanding medical applications, focusing on tele consultation applications. The proposed gateway is able to handle connections restricted by firewalls and makes use of potential available proxies inside of a network. In addition, we will address the problems related to firewalls and proxies and will proposed a new way of communication for medical applications based on Jabber an instant messaging protocol. Furthermore, in order to handle binary data transmission to an offline entity over a Jabber network, we proposed an extension to In-Band Byte streams communication protocol.
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